SE Michigan Vintage Computer Club, Ver. 2.0 - January 27, 2024 (noon to 4PM)


Our first adventure was a success, hopefully you brave the danger of snow and ice to join us for the second S.E. Michigan Vintage Computer Club!

Once again, it will take place at the Waterford Public Library at 5168 Civic Center Dr., Waterford Twp, MI 48329 from 12PM to 4PM on January 27th, 2024.

The format will remain the same, there's room for approximately twenty-four hardware presenters and up to twenty-four more spectators (see the guidelines below for more details.

Sign up here: Jan. 27th, 2024 SEMVCC Signup

The event will again be free of charge, thanks to the generous donation from Frank and the team at Retro Rewind (  

Donations will be gathered for our third meeting, the first S.E. Michigan Vintage Computer Club Swap Meet.

Guidelines of the SE Michigan Vintage Computer Club

  • All rules of the Waterford Public Library and Waterford Fire Department must be adhered to: see for more information.
  • No sexual content, lewd or discriminatory language of any kind will be permitted.  Gross violations of this policy will result in permanent removal.
  • Table space will be one half of a standard 48"x24" at maximum capacity.  Table space will expanded if less "presenters" are in attendance.
  • Commodore Chronicles Podcast, SE Michigan Vintage Club, Retro Rewind or the Waterford Public Library will not be held responsible for damage, lost or theft of personal property.  All risk, including that of injury will be on the participant, not the organizations involved.
  • Abuse of public and participant's property strictly forbidden.  Violations will be referred directly to the Waterford Police Department (next door).

Our first go around was a blast!  I hope you join us this time around as well!


Adam - The Commodore Chronicles Podcast / SEMVCC